Special Report: North Korea

21 August, 2017

The antagonistic exchange between the leaders of North Korea and the U.S. has dominated the news and caused volatility to increase. It’s important to stay above the noise and remain calm at times like this. Find out why.... Read more

Understanding Your Statement

25 November, 2016

Beginning in 2017, you will receive two new annual reports reflecting the performance and cost of your investments. These reports will be for the January-December time-frame. Overall, these new reports aim to enhance your understanding of the overall... Read more

The Growth of Financial Education

5 October, 2016

Filed Under: Financial Planning

As a long-time practitioner and member of the Financial Planning Standards Council I believe it’s important to promote the growth of financial education.... Read more

Budget 2016 - Impact

8 September, 2016

The Office of the Parliamentary Budget Officer has released a very interesting interactive tax tool to determine one’s personal impact from the measures proposed in the 2016 Federal Budget.... Read more

Understanding the Cost of Advice

8 September, 2016

Filed Under: Financial Planning

As with many other types of services delivered, there is a cost for the value of financial advice. This is true regardless of the investment solution (or investment plan you may have).... Read more

What Is Your Number?

22 June, 2016

Filed Under: Retirement

A recent report from Angus Reid revealed some surprising concerns of a large number of Canadians – a fear that they will run out of money during their lifetimes. Just under one half of retired Canadians had this fear and an incredible 74% of Canadians... Read more

Are You a Scoreboard Watcher?

25 February, 2016

Filed Under: Investment Services

At time of writing Berkshire Hathaway stock was trading at US$195,300 per share. While a lofty sum the stock has recently lagged the index (S&P 500) and the company has been (as many times in the past) the subject of some criticism. In fact, the market... Read more

2016 - What Are Your Expectations?

4 January, 2016

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As we begin 2016 it’s appropriate to look back at 2015, a year in which major stock markets began with much calm until volatility rose in earnest during the summer. That volatility has persisted, with all major stock markets actually exhibiting losses... Read more

Earn More Than $200,000?

17 December, 2015

Filed Under: Tax Planning

Our newly elected prime-minister Justin Trudeau has followed through on a pledge to increase tax rates for those Canadians earning over $200,000. The tax rate for income above this bracket will increase from 29% to 33% beginning in 2016. This will result... Read more

Interest Rates – Where Are They Going?

29 September, 2015

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On September 9th the Bank of Canada kept its key interest rate at 0.5 percent, and on September 17th the U.S. Federal Reserve also decided to keep interest rates near zero. This, while many central banks around the world are actually decreasing rates... Read more